Environmental data transparency made possible by the IoT Assistant. 
01. Overview 

Devices that collect data about people go beyond a digital realm. More often than not, data is continuously gathered without us knowing, even when people aren't using their devices. 

The Internet of Things Privacy Assistant is an application that is spatially aware of data collectors. If a device is in range of the user, the assistant will notify the user, provide essential information, and, if available, allow the user to control data collected about them. 

01. Overview 
02. Branding
03. Branding in Use
04. UI/UX Design
0.5 Coming Soon 
02. Branding

As a graphic designer for the Personalized Privacy Assistant project, I created a logo and style guideline for the application. ​​​​​​​

Logo Design:
Guided by members of the team, I developed a logo that is friendly and symbolic to environmental privacy. A chameleon was chosen as it blends into spaces and uses its senses to be highly aware of its surroundings. To combine this with privacy, I used the form of the tail to create a shield. As a result, the logo is both protective and inviting. 

Color & Type Choice:
Internet of Things Blue and Royal Chameleon are the two main colors. Alterations on tertiary colors were chosen as they give a lively accent to certain UI and marketing elements. Aglet Slab was the perfect typeface for the IoT Assistant.  It has the essence of console fonts while still being modern. 
03. Design System in Use: 

32"x 40" poster displayed at the Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security Conference in Santa Clara, CA

Business cards used during Fall 2019

04. UI/UX Design

In the summer portion of my work, I began developing user flows, low/high-fidelity models, and mockups to be used for development. I started off with the project's most recent iteration. Through reading research on privacy policy, testing, and feedback, a newly-designed application is being released this fall. 

Selection of Low/Mid fidelity mockups 

Curating environmental data collectors for a more personable experience:
When redesigning the experience of the app, I added an In Range Page that could curate data collectors based on proximity.

IoT Devices made transparent:
IoT Assistant provides information on the data collector with additional privacy options
New Map Based Version released. Process will be up soon!
05. Coming Soon
Currently, I am still working for the Personalized Privacy Assistant Project at the School of Computer Science. The experiences I have gained so far have lended impactful realizations to my collaborative design process and worldview on privacy.

At the moment I'm working on: 
• Working to release a new interface with a map functionality.  
• Rolling out hand crafted privacy icons for use
• Continuing to implement branding to new marketing materials

If you have questions or want to know more about my work so far, feel free to send me an email at yrt@andrew.cmu.edu!

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