Over winter break, I looked for leather wallets but never came across one I gravitated to. Most were way too bulky or it was difficult to quickly pull out cards. So, I decided to spend my break researching and prototyping my own wallet design. 

Prototype 1/A work in progress
• Instead of keeping the two cards I use most (ID and Credit Card) inside, I brought them to the front and back of the wallet. This would allow me to slide my cards out with ease.
• I iterated upon an organic design that molded to the curvature of my hand. Not only did this make it look unique, it gave me a better grip.

• Compared to previous wallets I've owned, it's thinner while still holding necessary items. 
• I feel less stressed making sure I have my cards with me. I can simply pinch the wallet to know that they're there. 
Paper modeling to understand the form of my hand in specific positions. 
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