500 is the story of my first 500 miles running in Pittsburgh, PA. Told through data visualization and visual rhythm. 
Running stories, realizations, and breakthroughs tread the lifetime of any shoe. In this personal project, I wanted to explore the ways in which I could communicate a chapter of my life through subliminal design and form.
500 Miles is a book divided between the months of June to October. Each month is communicated through the layering of each run on the map. 
Scale for visual rhythm: 

In the book, I use scale to embody elements of running like patience, order, and pace. Each month contains a view of Pittsburgh, PA with my runs and a zoomed in element that abstracts the map.  
Running is a morning ritual for me to start my day. Folding in many culture parallels the practice of repetitive yet awakening ritual. Ultimately, this lead me to land on the form of the book. The viewer opens, clothes, and turns over pages to reveal more about me. 

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