I’ve always had a fascination for the Olympics. When Sarasota was selected as the host for the world rowing championships, my vision for creating the design of the Sarasota 2036 games began. The biggest goal within this Olympics logo was versatility. Through many iterations and field testing, I came to a final design. This logo depicts an abstract figure next to a wave (or the Sarasota coastline) to form a flame above the typography. The negative space develops and “S” for Sarasota but, when flipped upside down, the Paralympics logo reveals “FL." When set to the side, an alligator's eye is uncovered to symbolize Sarasota's diverse wildlife.
Although I enjoyed developing the Sarasota Olympics logo, I was aware of the shortcomings that many Olympic games faced: sustainable solutions. Many of the villages, centers, and communal areas are often discarded. Thus, I wanted to focus on the Olympic Villages as a way to benefit low-income families after the games. My goal was to develop solutions in which villages were constructed to transition people into sustainable living environments. To gain a deeper understanding of the process of the new community initiative, please read the flyer. This pamphlet also allowed me to develop parameters for the Sarasota 2036 Olympics design language.
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